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Fairwater House on the Twickenham Road in Teddington. The" about Howerd had come from Hills friend, former producer and unofficial press-agent Dennis Kirkland who had not been able to get in contact with Hill for a couple of days and was starting to worry. Around this time Hill appeared on BBC radio a few times but struggled to make his mark. The list of comics that did perform at the Windmill, however, is extraordinary, and

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included Jimmy Edwards, Tony Hancock, Arthur English, Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers, Michael Bentine, Bruce Forsyth, Dave Allen, Alfred Marks, Max Bygrave, Tommy Cooper and Barry Cryer. Is that all right for you, Mr Hill? They were extraordinary, wonderful shows. Harry Benet offered Hill 3 per week to be an Assistant Stage Manager (with small parts) for a new revue called.

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Benny Hill Entertains Hmm. But Bob, I get a thrill when theyre kneeling there, between my knees and theyre looking up. The theatre had been bought in 1930 by a 70 year old white haired, bright eyed little woman in mink called Mrs Laura Henderson whose late husband had been something in Jute. The closest he got to marriage was with a dancer from the Windmill Theatre called Doris Deal around the mid-fifties. He took her for meals in London, they held hands, and it was assumed they were seeing each other, but when Hill had procrastinated a little too long and told her he wasnt ready for marriage she promptly left him.

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She earned herself a standing ovation. 12 months or so later Hill, now eighteen, had become eligible for conscription. He noticed one Windmill comic in particular, a man called Peter Waring whose scripts were written by Frank Muir, at that time still attached to the RAF. It stayed open throughout the rest of the war with five or six performances a day and open from 11am.35 at night. Made sure there was generous hospitality before the curtain was raised. Van Damme, amusingly known.D. Amazing young Asian with huge tits is a sex machine view 34:32 2,115.56, wet machine fuck view 19:26 659.55, pretty Irish teen; perfect sex machine view 14:32 2,172.00, the Swede ad her black sex machine view 13:57 985.38 Sex machine orgasm. Thats lovely, that is, I really like that, I asked him why and he said, well, its respectful. Two military policeman presented themselves at the theatre stage door and Hill was advised to give himself. It was said that the Lord Chamberlain never delegated his sexe sur la plage du cap d agde mérignac responsibilities on these occasions. The theatre was infamous for its risque dancing girls and nude tableaux but it was a tough crowd for comedians who would make up part of the show. Extraordinarily, this reputation of defiance, together with Van Dammes tasteful girl-next-door version of English femininity, made the Windmill theatre a major symbol for Londons Blitz Spirit all around the world. In those days the Soho agents never actually mentioned money and used to show the amount that was to be paid by laying fingers on the lapels of their jackets. He was delicate, highly strung and sensitivewhen I saw him I thought, My God, its so easy. Hill was always an uncomfortable performer on stage and the new medium of television utterly suited his conspiratorial glances and anticipatory smirks to camera and after a shaky first episode the rest of the series was a huge success. This time Waldman, now BBCs head of light entertainment, was actually very impressed and offered Benny Hill his own show right there and then. Benny assumed that they were meeting to discuss details of a new series hed just gone down a storm in Cannes. Inside he saw his friend surrounded by dirty plates, glasses, video-tapes and piles of papers slumped on the sofa in front of the. An interview with Benny Hill from early in his career. Gaytime with Reg Varney and Benny Hill. Within a month Hill found himself a private in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers as a driver/mechanic.

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Frankie Howerd and Benny Hill had both been part of a big wave of ex-servicemen comedians that came to prominence after the second world war. For inspiration he walked to the Windmill Theatre in Soho as it was the only place in London where you could see comedians during the day. Around 1943 the theatre created its famous motto We never closed although this quickly became we never Clothed. On Easter Sunday morning in 1992, and just two hours after he had been speaking to a television producer about yet another come-back, 75 year-old Frankie Howerd collapsed and died of heart failure. It wasnt until the 20th, the day after Howerd had died, that a neighbour noticed an unpleasant smell coming from Flat 7 of Fairwater House on the Twickenham Road in Teddington. Not too many patrons were there for the jokes. On both occasions, and after barely finishing his first gag, Hill got a dreaded Thank you, next please from Van Damm somewhere in the darkness of the stalls. Hill and Reg Varneys double act was a success and they were signed up for three seasons of Gaytime and subsequently a touring version of a London Palladium revue called Sky High. The cherub sent by the devil, as Michael Caine once described Hill, eventually became a huge star all over the world. Its a mixture of lack of comedy personality and lack of comedy material.